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Everything Else is Just a Dog

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For too long, appraisers and breeders have been way too soft on dogs with serious faults…The Boerboel population is big enough and healthy enough to cull out the less desirable traits. The reason for these points being disqualifying faults have already been explained above…

  1. A dog that is too small (Smaller than the minimum heights stipulated in the Breed Standard).
  2. A dog that is too big and out of balance.
  3. An overly aggressive dog.
  4. A too small and untypical head.
    The size of the head is not as important as the shape. If the head looks like a totally different breed and the dog has no other appealing qualities, then it should be considered for disqualification.
  5. A lack of pigmentation.
  6. Excessively undershot bite.
  7. Excessively overshot bite.
  8. Blue eyes.
  9. Pricked ears.
    Pricked ears change the shape of the head totally, and could also be an indication of a dog with questionable genes in his back ground.
  10. Any dog clearly showing any physical or behavioural abnormalities.

Faults Summary