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This elaboration of the breed standard is to assist breeders, evaluators, and fanciers in knowing what to look for in the ideal Boerboel. You will rarely, if ever, find the perfect dog in any breed. However, there is a higher standard which must be adhered to when selecting breeding dogs. In a Boerboel breeding program, you should work to select and breed for the highest quality dogs. Don’t breed the pet that you have in your backyard to another pet quality dog that your friend has and expect to improve the breed. The best you can expect, in that particular scenario, is to produce more, substandard pets.

Purchase the highest quality bitch you can afford, breed to the best dog, who is best suited to your female, that you can find (whether he is the most winning dog or not is irrelevant), and study the resulting pups to select the best prospects. You will produce a lot of sub “par” quality dogs in this process.

Don’t be discouraged; just keep selecting the best puppies. Eventually, you will get to the point where the lesser dogs you produce are better than most other breeders’ top prospects.

As breeders and evaluators, we must be strong and decisive in what we approve as breeding stock. Politics, friendships, and emotions should play no part in selecting and approving dogs. The dogs must be of good enough quality, on their own merit, or they simply should not be used in a breeding program.

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